Qasim calls the security services to enforce laws impartially

Qasim calls the security services to enforce laws impartially

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Qasim Ibrahim the leader of JP has urged the security forces of Maldives to implement the laws, in Maldives without any discrimination.

He made this call while speaking at the ceremony where Former Vice President Dr.Jameel, his team and some others joined JP in Frankfurt. Qasim said that in 2013 he announced that he decided to support PPM because senior officials of the security forces and the judiciary requested him to do it to save them and their institutions. He said that also because of the love he has for the country and for these institutions.

Qasim said that he requests security services and the judiciary to act impartially and take action no matter who it is. He said that while many people are being investigated for corruption, the Maldives President himself should be investigated based on his own confessions. “The president has made anti-islamic statements. He said that boxes of money entered his house. He said that he gave it to parliament members. He will know that, it was the MMPRC money. Also, the money deposited to his account in Maldives Islamic Bank should be investigated as well. “said Qasim.

He said that even before the security services acted responsibly in such cases and hence he urged the security services to act responsibly even now.