Maldivian resorts : the safest destinations

Maldivian resorts : the safest destinations

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Maldives has a very unique concept when it comes to tourism. Maldives is the first to start one island one resort concept. No one can leave or enter these resorts without the management knowing about it.

All the resorts have 24 hour security and safety is of the highest priority. Since resorts are not open to the general public only tourists and staffs will have access to the resorts.

Hence the tourists in Maldivian resorts have lots of safety and freedom. Some tourists spend their whole holidays inside the villas they book. No one else can enter a villa without their permission.

Hence tourists who visit Maldives enjoy the highest level of privacy and security.

Coast Guard works round the clock to ensure safety and security of the territorial waters of Maldives. Maldivian Coast Guard owns some of the fastest vessels in the region.

According to Coast Guard they can reach any point in the territory of Maldives within 30 minutes. They pay special attention to maintain security of the areas where tourists resorts are located.

However some countries tend to make statements about Maldives saying that it might not be safe. The fact that they are not able to prevent terror attacks in their own countries show that their negative statements about Maldives are baseless.