Environment Ministry launches Solar Resource Overview 2017

Environment Ministry launches Solar Resource Overview 2017

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Environment Ministry has launched Solar Resource Overview 2017 a booklet which gives data about solar energy in Maldives.

In a ceremony held at Environment Ministry, the book was launched by Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim.

Solar Resource Overview 2017 consists data obtained in the Energy Resource Mapping project conducted with the assistance of World Bank. The data was obtained from the solar measuring stations in Hdh.Hanimaadhoo, Hulhule, L.Kahdhoo, and S.Gan. The information is from the data obtained in 2016.

In addition the book also has information obtained using ground measurements from 1999 to 2016. Ground measurement work was carried out in 2017 as well. Once this year is over, the booklet will be updated based on data from this year.

The data can be used to design solar projects because it contains important data.