Maldives pursues ‘India first’ foreign policy: President Yameen

Maldives pursues ‘India first’ foreign policy: President Yameen

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President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Qayyoom has said that Maldives had always pursued an ‘India first’ foreign policy.

He made the statement speaking in the joint press conference, given after the high level discussions with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

President Yameen said both Maldives and India had always worked towards achieving regional peace and security. He also said that Maldives had pursued the ‘India first’ foreign policy due to this, adding that security of Maldives was intertwined with India.

“We had discussed on security issues in the region, such as terrorism, peace, security, economic cooperation. We also discussed on increasing flight between two nations, energy, health, human resource development, communications, tourism and culture cooperation.

President Yameen thanked India for their assistance in human resource development, especially for the judicial justice system. He also noted the work of the joint commission established between the two nations.

He especially thanked Indian Government for their role and diplomacy exercised during the time Maldives was listed on the CMAG agenda, adding an appeal to the Indian Prime Minister to act on behalf of the Maldives, if any injustice was observed. President Yameen expressed concerns over any untoward punishments exercised by a body such as CMAG, while the nation was striving to implement democratic principles.

During the discussions President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom formally invited the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the Maldives in the near future.