Govt’s most hopeful minister, Dr. Shaheem resigns

Govt’s most hopeful minister, Dr. Shaheem resigns

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Government’s most hopeful minister, Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has resigned from his post as the Minister of Islamic Affairs.

Dr. Shaheem did not reveal the reason for the sudden decision.

He announced his resignation in a tweet yesterday at about 3:00 hrs. “I have resigned from the post of the Minister of Islamic Affairs. I seek assistance from Allah,” he tweeted.

In another tweet he said that he is very happy for have been given the opportunity to work as the Minister of Islamic Affairs in the cabinet of President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom. He thanked the government for giving the opportunity.

The people have been having many hopes for Dr. Shaheem because of the many developments he has brought to the nation.

He founded the Waqf fund and initiated the MVR 23 million project to establish Darul Iman. He got funds to build the establishment without seeking any financial assistance from the government.

Darul Iman will be a 10 story building which will manage all the mosques of Maldives and raise funds to spend on religious lectures.

Last year the government got the greatest number of money as Zakat with more than MVR 25 million. The minister also got foreign financial assistance to make a special software to manage the Zakat fund.

He also arranged to get additional 1000 Hajj quotas for this year.

Dr. Shaheem is also the Chair of the committee selected by President Yameen to establish an Islamic University in Maldives.

The ministry has been publishing Islamic Fiqh books and other books of Islamic sciences. Imam courses and Quran courses are held throughout the country including online courses.

Training of more than 500 memorizers of the Quran is also continuing successfully with the Minister’s initiative.