Addu Equatorial Hospital begins providing new services

Addu Equatorial Hospital begins providing new services

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Addu Equatorial Hospital has started providing CT scan service and cardiology services today.

Many specialist doctors are also now working at the hospital. Public health services, laboratory services, x-ray services, and scanning services are also given at the new hospital. However the hospital has not started providing MRI services. 

An announcement by the hospital states that they have begun providing, dental services, scanning, dermatology, psychiatry department, pediatric, gynecology, orthopedics, and ENT services are available at the hospital. 

The old hospital of Hithadhoo is to be closed and at the moment only inpatient services and emergency services have not been moved to the new hospital. Very few doctors are providing services at the old hospital now. 

Addu Equatorial Hospital is the first tertiary hospital to be operated outside Male’.