MP Saleem notes that the parliament should make decisions based on the Quran

MP Saleem notes that the parliament should make decisions based on the Quran

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MP Saleem of Eydhafushi constituency has stated that the parliament should make decisions in accordance with the Quran. 

Speaking at today’s session of the parliament, Saleem said that the Caliph Umar sent a letter to the judge who presided over the case of Caliph Ali’s shield and he advised the judge to conduct trial in accordance with the Quran. And if there is no solution through the Quran then he asked to referrer to the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed (SAW). He advised to consult scholars of Islam if he cannot find a remedy through Quran and Sunnah. The judge can use his personal opinion only if he cannot find a remedy through these three sources. 

While Saleem spoke in the Majlis in this manner it should be noted that many laws passed by the parliament were passed without considering the Quran and the Sunnah. Hence it will not be possible for the judges to issue verdicts based on the shariah if the laws do not comply with the shariah. 

Saleem said that if needed, the JSC can submit a case to remove the 5 judges of the Supreme Court. He also said that Supreme Court is one of the powers of the state and that he does not believe that the MPs should ridicule the Supreme Court justices. 

In addition he said that everyone wants to reform the judiciary but the question arises because there is huge speculation that it will be handed over to some other people. 

Saleem questioned about the intention of the parliamentarians. The shariah is based on the evidences and sometimes those who commit crimes are able to escape with good defence according to Saleem. 

He said that in the case of Caliph Ali, he lost against a Jew who stole his shield. Saleem also pointed out that the person who stole the shield became an Islam after he saw how fair the trial was.