Maldivian youngsters gear up for the Football for Friendship Programme in Russia

Maldivian youngsters gear up for the Football for Friendship Programme in Russia

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Mohamed Uwais and Ahmed Zahaan Nazeer, the selected 12 year old young ambassadors from Maldives will be on their way to Russia on June 8th to participate in the 6th Gazprom Football for Friendship International Programme. They will be joined by kids from over 210 countries around the world, in Moscow.

Mohamed Uwais, selected in the role of a defender will be a part of the 32 International Teams of Friendship that play against each other in the Gazprom Football for Friendship International Championship. The young footballer will be a part of the “Whale Shark” team, and will undergo a 3 day training camp in Moscow, to get used to the playing conditions and get ample practice with his team, before the start of the championship. Each International Team of Friendship will be trained by 14-16 year old young coaches from different countries. The young footballers will also participate in workshops and sessions, conducted by renowned celebrities.

Mohamed Uwais, who hails from Malé, started playing football at the age of 5. A student of Jamaluddin School, he has participated in numerous interschool tournaments and has played a pivotal role in his team’s success. He currently plays for Maziya Football Club, and dreams to play for a professional football club in the future, like his idols, Cristiano Ronaldo and James Rodríguez. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, learn new magic tricks and practice juggling. A Real Madrid FC fan, this talented, young footballer believes it is important to promote friendship, equality and peace because he believes that we need each of these three things to brighten our world.

At the F4F Programme in Russia, Mohamed Uwais will be accompanied by Ahmed Nazeer, who will act as a young journalist and cover all the local and global activities of the program as part of the International Children's Press Center. The Press Centre acts as hub for the young journalists who gather information, make reports, write news articles and prepare materials on the initiatives implemented as part of the Programme.

Ahmed Nazeer is a sports enthusiast who also hails from Malé. A player of ETFA (Early Touch Football Academy), Ahmed started playing football at the age of 7. He has played in numerous tournaments across the country such as RSC League, Milo International Cup and Manchester International Independence Cup among many others. As the captain of his school football team, he plays in the midfielder position. Ahmed dreams to play for a professional football club like Barcelona FC and also hopes to play for the Maldives National football team to help them qualify for the FIFA World Cup. A Barcelona FC fan, he considers Neymar Jr as his favorite player. In his free time, Ahmed likes to read interesting books about football.

Mohamed Uwais and Ahmed Nazeer will also participate in the Sixth Football for Friendship International Children's Forum in Russia, which will provide the youngsters an opportunity to meet their peers from other countries, share their experiences, and discuss with famous footballers and journalists on how to promote key values of the F4F Programme around the world. The International Children’s F4F Forum will be participated by famous sportsmen, journalists, and public figures who support the project and provide their thoughts and inspiration to the young athletes.

The young ambassadors will also participate in the Nine Values School programme, where they will be taught about the 9 key values of the F4F programme (friendship, equality, fairness, health, peace, devotion, victory, traditions and honour, under the guidance of young coaches and the supervision of famous players.