Ibrahim Siyad was arrested to stop Qasim Ibrahim’s businesses : Ameen

BY: latheef, 7 Feb 2018

Deputy Leader of JP Ameen Ibrahim said that the police arrested Ibrahim Siyad Qasim the MD of Villa Group in an attempt to stop the businesses of Qasim Ibrahim’s businesses.

Ameen said that Siyad is a young capable man and that he is the spirit of the company. He said that despite the various challenges faced by Villa Group, the company is able to operate because of Siyadh’s capacity.

“I believe that arresting Siyad right now is part of a plan by President Yameen. President Yameen has taken the hatred he has for President Yameen to the next level” said Ameen.

Ameen said that Siyadh is not a politician and that even though all of Qasim’s children are well educated none of them are involved in politics. He further said that President Yameen wants to halt all businesses of Qasim Ibrahim.


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