29 deaths in three years – we are worried : Opposition

BY: latheef, 5 Oct 2017

Last night the opposition parties of Maldives have conducted a panel discussion stating that they are worried that 29 people have been killed in the past three years.

Just less than 12 hours after the panel discussion an expat was found dead with injuries in Hulhumale’ this morning. Hence now the figure has reached 30. The opposition said that 29 is a huge figure compared to pre-2013 and it is just half of the total number of deaths in the last 16 years. The opposition accused the government for the increase in deaths.

Speaking at the panel, Shidhatha Shareef said that no island in the Maldives is peaceful. She said that even the households are not safe and people are being killed while they are in their own houses.

Mahfooz Saeed said that such violent crimes are on the rise not due to lack of cooperation from the public or due to lack of laws. He said that, it is because the government does not have any intention of stopping such crimes. He questioned why the government is not seeking help from MNDF when the police cannot control the streets.

Mahfooz said that the government is stopping whatever they want using Police and MNDF and hence if the government wants they can stop the killings as well.


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