Clean water and safe food are provided at Dhoonidhoo only with a letter from a doctor: Lawyers

BY: latheef, 10 Aug 2017

Doctors have said that clean water and food are provided at Dhoonidhoo only when a doctor writes a letter requesting to provide it to the inmates.

Speaking a press conference held at M.Kunooz, lawyer Ali Zahir said that inmates only get clean food only when inmates get sick after eating food from jail. He said that when inmates get sick, the doctors request to provide better food and water.

In addition, Ali Zahir said that some judges make decisions assuming that everything the police say I s the truth, but that is not how it should be. He said that even the police should show evidence to back their claims.

Ali Zahir said that, even in today’s hearing police lied by saying that some arrangements have been made even though it was not ready yet. He said that even if police states something the judges must verify it.


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