A Maldivian wins IAAF award for the first time !

BY: , 2 Aug 2017

A Maldivian has won the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) for the first time.

The award was won by Ali Manik (Maizaan Alibe) the former president of Athletics Association of Maldives.

Alibe served the field of sports of Maldives for a long time and the award was given to Alibe during the IAAF congress held in London. He was given two veterans pin and this is the first time a Maldivian won such an award.

During Alibe’s tenure as the president of Athletics Association of Maldives, he made strategic plans aiming to win medals. He was the president of the association when Maldives won medals in an international competition for the first time. Last night’s congress was attended by Mohamed Tholaal the president of the Athletics Association of Maldives.

In 51st congress of IAAF 800 delegates from 200 countries are taking part. After the congress, the IAAF world championship will be held at London from 13-14 of August. More than 2000 athletes will take part in this competition.


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