Will sell land – will develop Maldives: President Yameen

BY: latheef, 12 Jul 2017

President Yameen have said that he will sell land from Maldives and will development as well.

Speaking to the press at PPM’s office tonight, he said that the idea of not selling land to foreigners is an ancient mindset and the people will decide about his fate in 2018.

Speaking about the F.Atoll project the president said that the project is worth millions of dollars and if it fails he will not be responsible and the opposition should be responsible for it because they are against it. President said that the opposition keeps saying that the project is not important for Maldives.

President Yameen said that he has not done anything unlawful and he will not do anything unlawful. Referring to accusations about the president receiving bags of cash, he said that if someone handed him money that was stolen, then who did it should be punished and held accountable.

President Yameen said that PPM’s finances were managed by former Tourism Minister and Vice President Adeeb and hence he took money from Adeeb and spent on party’s activities. In addition, the president said that even if money were brought in bags, if supporters of the party gave the money it is not a problem. He said that those who gave interview to Al Jazeera should reveal where they got the money.

In addition, President said that Adeeb has not revealed how much money the supporters of the party gave him. “Adeeb told me that he will give me the details once I go back from Hajj. I do not know how much of it was illicit money. I did not know how he got this money. But now I know” said the President.

President said that he does not accept Sihr and hence he did not approach anyone to do Sihr for him. However, he did admit to meeting Aseyla, and said that he was introduced to Aseyla by Faaris Maumoon. He said that however he did not discuss anything related to Sihr with him.

“If presidency can be attained by doing Sihr, shouldn’t Saahir’s be ruling? If government can be retained by doing Sihr, shouldn’t everyone stop doing political work and do Sihr? “questioned President Yameen.


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