Reform activities will go on even if more people are arrested : Opposition coalition

BY: latheef, 7 Apr 2017

Opposition coalition have said that efforts to reform the country will not be stopped even if more opposition figures are arrested.

Speaking at a press conference held by the coalition tonight, they stated that JP leader Qasim Ibrahim was arrested under baseless allegations and his arrest is unlawful.

Deputy leader of JP, Abdullah Riyaz said that the arrest warrant stated things which are not true and had no evidence. He said that the fact that a new investigation team was ordered to investigate the case shows that someone wants to end the case in a certain way. Riyaz said that Qasim fully cooperated with the investigation of the police and there is no lawful reason why he should be arrested.

In addition, Riyaz said that the PG sending the case back to police for further investigation also shows that the government is trying to build the case in a certain way. Riyaz called the government not to discriminate and to exercise law on everyone equally.


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