Products from Laben Laboratories banned in Maldives !

BY: , 5 Apr 2017

Maldives Food and Drug Authority has banned medicine produced by Laben Laboratories of India because users have experienced various complications after using their products.

A statement by MFDA states that they have decided to remove medicine from the company from all the pharmacies in Maldives. The statement says that, there are problems in the quality control mechanism of the company and hence there are problems with the quality of their products.

In addition, the statement says that even previously there were problems with medicine from Laben Laboratories and hence starting from today importing and selling all products from Laben Laboratories will be banned in Maldives.

Largest medicine exporter to Maldives, STO have said that they do not import any products of Laben Laboratories and that they import medicine from trusted companies.


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