Accounts were frozen and lands were seized unjustly: Qasim

BY: latheef, 27 Mar 2017

Leader of JP Qasim Ibrahim have said that accounts of Villa Shipping and lands given to Villa and his family members from Hulhumale were seized unjustly.

Speaking at a rally tonight, Qasim said that the government is influencing the judiciary and the parliament. He said in a meeting he held with tourism minister Zameer , the AG Muhammad Anil told him that cases related to his companies will end in a way the government desires.

Qasim said that cases ended in Villa’s favor in lower courts but when the government appeals it in High Court, it ends in the government’s favor. He said that hence he believes that High Court verdicts are sentenced in a way that the government wants.

In addition he said that while the court ordered to give back the money which are paid to AIM company as the advance payment for three islands, the government has not yet given it yet. Qasim said that as a result they had to pay more than 25 million dollars as interest alone.

Qasim said that they have never been able to set foot on these islands and hence Villa group is incurring huge losses due to this.

He said that these are not problems faced by him only, but many people are facing similar problems. He said that to change this situation everyone must work together.


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