If the court punishes those who make false allegations regarding Faafu Atoll, will the courts be blamed ?

BY: latheef, 12 Mar 2017

Government has the opportunity to take action against people or parties who are spreading false information regarding Faafu Atoll.

The government has repeatedly assured that the government has no intention of selling Faafu atoll or any other atoll of Maldives. While the constitution does not allow the government to sell an atoll of Maldives, those who spread this information is doing it to create unrest. The public knows that these are false allegations.

“It is a crime according to Islam and according to the constitution of Maldives to spread lies like this. Media commissions of Maldives will be aware of this. They will act. Home ministry and the police will also do what is required. It is possible that the courts will punish those who are doing this. Then will they blame the courts? Questioned a close observer of Maldivian politics.

“There is just one problem here. The jews are worried that Maldives is strengthening relations with Saudi Arabia. Jews are worried that with Saudi assistance, Islam will be further promoted in Maldives” said the person.

He further said that the president himself has assured that no atoll of Maldives will be sold and questioned why these people are creating false stories. He said that the Jews are worried that Islam will be promoted in Maldives.

He said that no matter who says what, media should spread the information in accordance with Maldivian laws. He said that the government has the right to take action against people who claim that the government intends to do things which are unconstitutional.


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