John keels riddle- “concerned about the situation of Maldives” – But increasing investments in Maldives.

BY: latheef, 3 Mar 2017

It is time for us to interpret what John Keels is saying about Maldives. They are a company which has invested in the tourism sector of Maldives. “The situation of Maldives is not stable”. This is what they say. Europe is releasing travel advisories. But are trying to devolpo even small sand banks. These are all news articles on Sri Lankan newspapers.

Maybe these journalists want to harm the tourism industry of Maldives no matter what. Even last year number of tourists from Europe to Maldives increased. A total of 7.3 percent was increased from the European market. If the number of tourists are increasing that means, there is no problem in Maldives. Travel advisories and bans should be increased. There is no problem in Maldives. Maldives is not in need of travel bans. Maldives needs tourists.

If we compare Maldives and Sri Lanka, more travel advisories and resolutions has been passed against Sri Lanka. For each statement about Maldives, 100 was released about Sri Lanka. There is not a time where some mission from some organization is not active in Sri Lanka to investigate human rights violations.

The Daily News article about Maldives, quotes the President of John Keels Kishan Belindhura about the situation of Maldives.

What is evident is that they just want to harm Maldives in some way. That is evident because, even if the situation is like they say, John Keels is ready to invest more in Maldives. If what they say about Maldives is true, why would anyone invest. Everyone will invest in a country where they can get returns from their investments. Investors invest to make money, not to do good deeds. This is a universal concept. So we all know why Sri Lankan reporters are writing such articles.

John Keels started with just one resort in Maldives. Now they have 4 resorts. They are still ready to invest more. This proves that the tourism industry of Maldives is developing and that John Keels is benefiting from it.

Maldives and Sri Lanka are close countries. Both countries should work together for development. Even tourism industry could be developed by working together.


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