Staffs of Shangri-La planning to strike

BY: Mohamed Afrah, 28 Feb 2017

Staffs of Shangri-La Villingili and Spa are planning to strike because a large number Maldivian staffs are being dismissed. The staffs are planning to hold a strike against the general manager of the resort.

Speaking to Miadhu on the condition of anonymity a staff from the resort said that even previously Maldivians staffs were dismissed and they are planning to do it again. He also said that the management discriminates between Maldivian and foreign staffs.

“Last week 4 staffs were dismissed. Now they are refusing to renew the contracts of 64 staffs” said the staff. In addition, he said that the management removed the TV in the staff shop area and also removed the chairs from the area.

He also said that, while all the Maldivian staffs must leave the resort when they finish the duty, there are no recreational or leisure zones for Maldivian staffs. Furthermore, he said that when remittance tax was introduced, they increased the salary of foreign staffs by 40 dollars but the management deducts Ramadan bonus from the yearly bonus of Maldivian staffs.

When Miadhu News contacted the HR department of the report, they said that the claims are untrue and they do not plan to dismiss any Maldivian staffs. They also said that, action will be taken against those who do not follow the rules and regulation of the resort.

“That is not true. We do not discriminate between Maldivian and foreigners. But every place has rules and regulations and action will be taken against those who go against them right? Said an official from the HR department.

Even though the staffs are saying that they are planning to strike, they have not revealed the date of the strike.


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