One of the largest IT firms in the world ready to invest 2 billion dollars in Maldives!

BY: latheef, 25 Feb 2017

Miadhu has learned that one of the largest IT firms in the world is preparing to invest 2 billion dollars in Maldives. They plan to acquire land in the Maldives according to sources.

Representatives of the first visited Maldives last December and spent 8 days in Maldives. They visited some lagoons and small islands. They presented their findings to the company board of directors earlier this month. The board will make a decision in late March.

The company official who shared this information with Miadhu News, said that they spent a lot on research and hopes that everything will turn out well. Two years ago in a meeting held by the Economic Committee at the president’s office something like this was highlighted. However, at that time no details were revealed.

“A company like Microsoft might develop research facilities in Maldives. There is no place better than Maldives for that. If something like that can be done in Maldives, Maldives will receive a lot of tax revenue and lots of jobs will be created” said former Vice President Adheeb who was chairing the economic committee.


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