I-Havan project – can be developed in to a millionaire’s city

BY: latheef, 22 Feb 2017

Ihavandhihpolhu can be developed into a millionaire’s city through the I-Havan project. Every year thousands of millionaires migrate to other countries.

Among gulf countries, most millionaires reside in UAE. They chose UAE for various reasons. Those include reduced taxes, safety, and security. In addition ease of doing business and improved technology are key factors as well. If we look at these factors, Maldives can compete with any country in these regards. If we look at safety and security Maldives can still be on number one in the list. Other things are also achievable. Beautiful nature of Maldives are all bonuses.

In 2016 alone, 5000 millionaires migrated to UAE. In 2015 3000 millionaires migrated. Among gulf countries, second most number of millionaires migrated to Qatar. Last year 2000 millionaires migrated to Qatar. Most millionaires who migrated to UAE are from Turkey. Reports say that a lot of millionaires from Turkey left the country last year due to increased terrorist attacks in the country.

Last year 11,000 millionaires migrated to Australia while 10,000 migrated to USA. In addition 3000 millionaires migrated to UK.


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