Maldives is the most shark friendly nation

BY: latheef, 22 Feb 2017

While there are a lot of sharks in Maldivian waters, these sharks are very friendly. Shark attacks are almost unheard of in the country.

There are sharks in various dive points in Maldives. They are fed regularly by divers and they wait for divers to feed them every day. Hence divers do not have to search for sharks. Resorts like Sun Island Resort also have sharks in the lagoons surrounding the resort. The sharks gather at one point every night to be fed. The sharks are really friendly and there is a strong bond between the sharks and the tourists.

Since Maldives has the best relations with sharks, thousands of tourists visit every year just to see the sharks. Most of them are repeaters. Government has banned catching sharks for any reason.

Today, a surfer in Reunion a French territory died after a shark attack. Reports says that he is a senior figure in the surfing sector. He was attacked while body boarding. This is the 6th death in reunion due to shark attack since 2011.

Most number of people die from shark attacks in Australia. Records show that there were 536 shark attacks in Australia last year alone. Out of them 72 people died. In 2012, 1104 people were attacked by sharks in USA. Out of them 35 people died.


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