Domestic flights are more expensive than international flights, will reduce the price : Ibu

BY: latheef, 29 Jul 2018

Ibrahim Mohammed Solih, the opposition candidate for the upcoming presidential elections have said that the price of domestic flights is higher compared to international flights and that the price of domestic flight will be reduced in his government.

Speaking at a rally held by the opposition at B.Thulaadhoo, Ibu said that when MDP assumed office in 2008 one kilogram of fish was bought for 6.5 Rufiyaa and that it was increased to 28 Rufiyaa by the MDP administration. “Today the price has fallen again. We will increase it. We will free the Maldivian ocean and prevent foreigners from fishing in the Maldives” said Ibu.

Ibu said that the people should get more than just the tax from the tourism industry. He said that MDP introduced the guest house model of tourism and they will expand it. In addition Ibu noted that the government is doing little to market tourism. “Even this year, the government allocated only 3 million for tourism promotion. In our government we will increase it by three fold” said Ibu.


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