Heads of three branches of the state in detention : What next ?

BY: latheef, 3 Mar 2018

Last night, heads of three branches of the state (current and former) were in police detention. Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed, former President Maumoon, and former speaker of the parliament Abdullah Shahid are detained by the police.

They are being detained in Dhoonidhoo the police detention center. People are saying that last night was a historical night for Dhoonidhoo jail.

After the government announced a state of emergency on 5th February, the first person to be arrested was former President Maumoon who ruled Maldives for 30 years. Once PPM described him as the father of the 30 golden years.

He was taken to Dhoonidhoo during midnight and Chief Justiec Abdullah Saeed was taken there early morning of the same day. Meanwhile former speaker of the parliament Abdullah Shahid was arrested yesterday and taken to Dhoonidhoo last night.

Hence a former president, a former speaker of the parliament and the chief justice, all spent their night in detention. In the history of Dhoonidhoo, former Prime Minister of Ibrahim Faamudheyri Kilegefaanu spent the last days of his life in Dhoonidhoo. Not as a prisoner but voluntarily because he needed to swim to cure an illness he was suffering from. He was there as a special guest of the state.


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